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Halo Midge Emerger

This pattern is a little bit more difficult to tie, but not impossible. The pattern comes Gary LaFontaine's book Trout Flies Proven Patterns. This fly uses closed foam to create the halo, which diffuses light to imitate an insect emerging out of the water film. The orange spike of deer hair is an over exaggeration of the insect's wings coming out. The orange helps to grab the trout's attention to the fly compared to naturals emerging. Tie this on to a straight shank hook in sizes 16-24. The ribbing can be fluorescent blue monofilament or small pearl lurex. The ribbing can be omitted on smaller versions of this pattern. The body and thorax should be a blend of half sparkle yarn and half fur. The orange spike and closed cell foam should remain the same. The body of the fly can be tied in green, red, black, yellow, brown, purple and pink variations.

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