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Missouri River Fishing Report, 29 July 2017

I haven't been out there since the last report, but the word on the street is Tricos are still going strong in the mornings and hoppers are starting to get hit good. Tricos you can still fish the single patterns or head out with a Griffith's Gnat or Buzzball pattern and find success. As the day presses on, switch over to a hopper pattern. Cast the hopper pattern towards the bank and try to get it to land just on the grass. Then lower your rod tip down in order for the hopper to fall into the water, which should help you hook up with a nice trout. I don't say just rainbow, seen reports of some big browns out there falling for the hopper. If you are casting the hopper out away from the bank, best bet is to do the hopper dropper combo. Tie about 3-6 feet of tippet to the bend of your hopper hook then tie a nymph pattern onto that tippet. This allows you to fish the hopper pattern and a nymph pattern at the same time. If it takes the hopper, you see it and if it takes the nymph, your hopper acts as the strike indicator. Good luck out there! And as always, hope to catch you on the fly!

The Buzzball and Griffith's Gnat how to videos are below!

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