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The Seasons Are Changing

Well, here we are in mid October here in Montana and boy has the weather changed. We went from smoky skies with hot weather, to snow, to rain, to windy and cold. Almost seems some days that fall was skipped and winter is here already.

It's the best time to re stock your fly boxes by filling them with all the new flies that you tie or to even stock up for some cold weather fly fishing. Here the Missouri River below Holter dam stays open pretty much all winter with only the backwater eddies freezing over. The water that comes out from Holter lake helps keep the river open. Streamers and Nymphs are the name of the game for the winter season.

For Streamers, pretty much any of your basic streamer patterns will work on the trout there. Since there isn't anything for a hatch, the trout tend not to pass up a big meaty meal like a baitfish imitation.

For Nymphs, anything small and pink tends to do the trick. Odd really since there isn't anything really pink colored floating around, but sowbug patterns in pink will do the trick well.

If you plan on staying near Great Falls, Giant Springs State Park is a good place to go. The natural spring there concentrates the fish near it with the warm water output. Any streamer or nymph will normally do well. If you choose to use traditional spin cast rod, then a carolina rig with marshmallow and nightcrawler do well.

Have fun tying up your patterns and don't forget to check out our YouTube channel for patterns and stock up on your supplies on our online store!

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