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The Brassie Fly

Brassie Nymph Fly Pattern

The Brassie is a simple, yet highly effective fly pattern to use. It can be tied in many varieties, changing wire color to give a different look to the body or using peacock herl for the thorax instead of muskrat fur; it can also be tied with a beadhead to help it sink faster in quicker water. The wire body acts two fold, one to help weigh the fly down so it will sink faster and also to add color and segmentation to the fly. This pattern is most effective on the smaller sizes, generally tied in a size 12-20 scud hook. You could add glue to put your mind at ease about the wire after a fish strike, but with a fly that is easy to tie (almost as easy as the San Juan worm) why bother? I suggest tying these in many colors and fill up a fly box with them so if you lose one or it falls apart, you have plenty more to rely on. It's an great midge pattern, that was first created back in the 1960s by three fishermen-Ken Chandler, Tug Davenport, and Gene Lynch-along the shores of the south platte river. They originally sold them to local fly shops but has since become popular worldwide with their effectiveness. Check out the video below on how to tie this pattern!

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