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Missouri River Fishing Report

The spring thaw and spawn are upon us. Both good and bad news. With the thaw the waters are high and swift, so if you are wading out there, be careful. That being said, fish the slack water, submerged islands or slow runs, the fish will there waiting. With the spawn coming or already here, the trout won't be picky on what you toss at them. If it looks like an easy meal, they will take it, so why not try a big dry fly. Other than that, heavy streamers will work. Nymphs have good action if you get them deep enough. So split shot is the name of the game there, get them deep in the slack water and you will find success. BWOs haven't appeared yet in dun form, but don't let that rule it out for nymphing. If you are boating to areas in the middle of the river, look for fish hanging out on the down stream side of the island. Less current means more fish! As always, good luck out there and we will catch you on the fly!

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