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Blue Wing Olives Have Arrived!!

Blue Wing Olive Fly Fishing Mayfly

Well, one of the best things to see a sure sign of spring is the emergence of BWOs. Seeing as I run the business from my home and I live just a half mile away from the Missouri River here in Great Falls, you know that if I am seeing them here, you bet you will see them on the water. The past couple of days have been in the 70+ temp range, our first warm days of the year. It will cause more snow melt and high waters on the river, but that shouldn't keep you away. Remember when fishing BWOs, these suckers are small. The one in the photo was no bigger than my pinky nail. Tie these in size 18 or smaller. A good quill body using polish quills stripped peacock quills or using peccary will give great segmentation. Use a dun colored hackle for this one, grizzly just doesn't look right. You could also tie up some Griffith's Gnats to use as clumps of spinners will be floating down the river. Good luck out there and as always, Catch you on the Fly!

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